Euro Containers

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EURO containers are among the most versatile reusable plastic packaging solutions. They are available with fully closed or perforated/ventilated walls and bottom. They are useful in a wide range of industries and applications, such as:

  • Retail
  • Distribution
  • Automotive
  • Food
  • Production

These EURO stacking containers can be easily arranged on EURO pallets, because they have standard footprints: 400 x 300 mm, 600 x 400 mm, 800 x 600 mm. For special sized items, we can offer you EURO container sizes such as 800 x 400 mm, 1000 x 400 mm or 1200 x 400 mm.

What Are the Most Common Applications for EURO Plastic Boxes?

Returnable Eurocontainers are very useful for order shipping, because they form stable and compact stacks inside the trailer. Thus, your company will optimize shipping costs by reducing the volume of your orders. These versatile standard sized distribution containers can have ribbed bottoms for improved stackability or smooth bottom for use on conveyors. Also, they can be provided with reinforced bottom to withstand heavy loads.

At the same time, we can fit the EURO crates with various inner dividers and separators, so that you can pack more items inside each container and improve their protection in transit. Also, we recommend using lids on top of the EURO boxes to complete the safety procedures for your shipping.

One Standard Product, Many Customization Options

These containers are not only versatile, but also easy to customize to fit your branding needs. We can offer you the EURO stacking containers in several colors and we can add your logo and company name by hot printing or screen printing.

Discover the full range of plastic EURO containers below and contact us to discuss your project!