Nestable Containers with lids

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These space saving nestable containers with lids (also known as warehouse boxes) are the ideal choice for order picking, shipping and storage of various sensitive goods, especially pharmaceutical products. One of the most important features of these shipping totes is the attached lid which can be fitted with an anti-tampering lock, RFID or barcode label in order to offer maximum protection and safety to the contents.

What Are the Benefits of Using Nestable Containers with Lids?

When they are not used, the shipping totes are fully nestable, saving storage and transportation space on the return journey. The containers are available in various colors and can be customized with:

  • your company logo
  • drainage holes on the base
  • piercings for the affixing of transparent address tags
  • RFID label or chip.

At the same time, you can secure your products by applying seals over the lid. Once placed over the plastic nestable containers, the lids fit tightly and do not permit dust, spillage or weather conditions to damage the products inside.

The distribution containers are made of virgin polypropylene and can be used for a large number of delivery cycles. At the end of the useful life, the containers are recyclable.

How Can You Find the Ideal Model of Nestable Containers with Lids?

We have a comprehensive range of nestable containers with lids, adapted for most use cases. Their storage capacities range from 15 l, to 28 l, 36 l and 105 l, suitable for all your logistics and distribution needs.

Please look over our range of nestable plastic containers with lids and select the ideal model that fits your business needs!