Hog Box

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The Hog Box container is the preferred packaging item for companies shipping various types of products, of different shapes and sizes, in a single transport. The Hog Box has a special design with grooves on the lid and feet, allowing the safe grouping of 6 units together. The units are strapped together and form a standard pallet size base. Each of the units has a capacity of 200 liters. Therefore, a fully packed Hog Box group can carry 1,200 liters worth of different goods.

Where Is the Hog Box Most Useful?

The Hog Box container can be used by all industries:

  • retail,
  • ecommerce,
  • automotive.

Its compact size and capacity to carry heavy loads of up to 100 kg makes the Hog Box the ideal choice for the internal logistic loop in the automotive industry, where parts and semi-finished assemblies need to be shipped from one production facility to another.

Other Benefits of The Hog Box for Your Company

The grooves on the lid ensure a very good stability in stack for the Hog Box container and the feet are especially designed for use with any model of forklift. This speeds up the loading/unloading process, an essential aspect of today’s supply chain.

The Hog Box container is your ideal choice for minimizing transport expenses. Instead of sending different undersized shipments, which are never cost efficient, you can group your wares together and send them overseas in complete safety and at the best shipment costs.

We encourage you to contact us to receive explanations and specific use cases for the Hog Box.