Fish Containers

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Fresh fish is one of the most popular foods worldwide and large fishing ships need to be able to pack their catch safely in specially designed plastic fish containers. As you know, freshly caught fish is a very delicate product: it spoils very quickly if it is kept at inadequate temperature and can be dented and marked if pressure is applied on it. Our bulk containers for fish solve both problems by their special design and features.

What Are the Special Features of Plastic Fish Containers?

These fish distribution containers are designed and manufactured keeping in mind the both the specific standards of the fishing industry and the worldwide approved standards of the food industry. The fish plastic boxes are made of materials approved for food contact and have a special design for the specific product they have to carry:

  • with dented bottom to prevent leaving marks on the fish when stacked,
  • with a special design to facilitate preservation by ice,
  • with draining holes and spillway.

We also considered the need to optimize space on ships and in cold storage. Thus, the plastic bulk containers for fish are also fully nestable when they are not used.

Other Benefits of Using Bulk Containers for Fish

These plastic containers for fish have an ergonomic design for workers handling them. They have smooth rims to prevent accidental scratching and offer a good hold when lifting full containers.

At the same time, we added visual and tactile markers to indicate the correct position for stacking and nesting. In this way, the fragile fish inside the containers will be stored in optimal conditions. At the same time, the containers will be protected from rough handling by nesting them incorrectly.

Discover the full range of plastic fish containers in our catalog and contact us to discuss your project!