Euro Stack-Nest Containers 180°

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EURO stack and nest containers 1800 have an ingenious design that allows you to optimize space when shipping products and on the return journey of the empty packages. When arranged one on top of the other, these plastic stackable and nestable containers form a compact and stable stack. Once one container is turned 1800 around, it nests perfectly inside the container underneath, reducing the volume by up to 70%.

Where are EURO Stack and Nest Containers Used?

These space saving industrial plastic containers are recommended for various applications, such as:

  • Agriculture
  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Retail
  • Distribution/ courier services.

These EURO stackable and nestable containers are made of materials approved for food contact. Thus, they can be used for shipping both raw ingredients and processed foods. In fact, the EURO stack-nest containers 1800 are recommended for the internal logistic loop of any company, for handling semi-finished products and supplying assembly lines.

How Many Types of EURO Stack and Nest Containers 1800 Are Available?

Given the popularity of stackable and nestable EURO containers 1800, our company offers you many models to suit your specific needs:

  • With solid or perforated walls
  • With flat base or stacking legs
  • With open handles on the long or short sides.

We invite you to browse our entire range of EURO stack nest containers 1800 and select the ideal model for your application!