Bread and Bakery Crates

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Our plastic bread crates are the ideal choice for bakeries, pastry makers and the bakery aisle in stores. These stackable and nestable crates for bread and bakeries are designed to offer maximum protection and optimal storage and transport conditions for fresh bread and pastries. They have low height, adequate for handling and easy access to the contents

What Are the Benefits of Using Plastic Bread Crates?

The plastic bread and bakery crates are made from food grade materials. Thus, even hot bread and bakery products, freshly out of the oven, can be safely placed in these stack and nest crates.

Also, these plastic crates for bread and pastries have smooth inner walls to protect fragile products from denting and crumbling. At the same time, the bottom and sides of the crates are perforated, to ensure proper ventilation during transport and shelf display. When the plastic crates for bread and pastries are empty, they are fully nestable to help you save storage space.

Ergonomic and Efficient Design

All the models of plastic crates for bread and bakery products have closed handles that ensure safe and ergonomic handling. Also, we added smooth surfaces on the long and short sides where you can attach label holders for the quick identification of the contents.

All these features mean that your employees will work faster and more efficiently both for packing fresh products in the crates and for supplying store shelves. We encourage you to browse all our models of bread and bakery crates and select the model that best fits your needs!