Attached Lid Containers

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Attached lid containers are both space saving and reliable for companies that frequently ship goods to their B2B clients. These plastic containers with attached lids are both stackable (when they are loaded with products) and nestable (when empty).

What Makes Plastic Containers with Attached Lids Special?

The special design of these industrial shipping totes consists of lids with strong hinges that close in a crocodile pattern. This helps keep the products packed inside the plastic stackable and nestable containers safe from dirt, dust, spillage, but also theft. On request, we can provide you with special seals that are applied over the closed lid.

Any unauthorized attempt to open the sealed attached lid containers would leave an indelible mark on the seal. Also, this is a guarantee that sensitive products, such as foods, valuables or pharmaceutical products, were not tampered with during transport.

Other Key Benefits of Plastic Stack Nest Containers with Attached Lids

Order picking is a sensitive part of supply chain. Retailers and ecommerce companies promise their clients fast delivery. And your business, as their partner, needs to speed up order picking, as well.

With attached lid containers, your warehouse employees’ work is faster and simpler. After they fill the containers, they simply close the lid and apply the seal and the order is ready for shipping. Otherwise, they would have to search for a fitting lid and apply various straps and securing accessories.

Attached Lid Containers Solve Your Need for Saving Space

These plastic containers with attached lids are also designed to help you optimize storage space. When nested, they reduce their volume by 70%. Also, when shipping products, their conic shape ensures that they form a stable and compact stack.

At the same time, we considered your need to load/unload packages faster with logistic equipment. Thus, we offer you attached lid containers with skids, which can be safely handled by forklift.

We encourage you to browse our full selection of storage containers with attached lids and contact us to discuss your project!