Hygienic pallets

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Hygienic pallets, also known as cleanroom pallets, are designed especially for industries where cleanliness is a critical requirement: the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry. These pallets are made of virgin materials approved for food contact and have a special design that facilitates washing and sanitizing.

What Is Special about Cleanroom Pallets?

Hygienic pallets are designed with simplified design features and smooth surfaces. This means that there are no nooks and angles where dirt and liquids can accumulate, compromising the safety of products placed on the pallet. Thus, the cleanroom pallets can be used even for transporting very sensitive products, like dairy products, raw meat or pharmaceutical/chemical substances.

At the same time, the hygienic pallets have a sturdy build, allowing the transport and storage of heavy weights (up to 1,250 kg dynamic load). The materials the pallets are made of resist to temperature variations between -20°C and +50°C. Therefore, the cleanroom pallets can also be used in cold storage.

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