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Display pallets or half pallets are very useful in retail to move products from the backroom and display them on aisles. They are smaller and lighter than other models of plastic pallets and can be easily handled by employees using basic logistic equipment.

What Are the Benefits of Using Half Pallets for Retail?

These lightweight display pallets are designed with feet or skids. This makes them ideal for handling palletized products in stores and hypermarkets. With a simple pallet truck, store employees can take palletized products from the backroom and replenish shelves quickly and efficiently.

The display pallets have an open deck with perforations that prevent the accumulation of spilled liquids. At the same time, this design feature allows fast cleaning. Thus, the half pallets for retail display can be returned to a new cycle of use in a short time, helping your company achieve a complete ROI for these packaging materials.

Improve Your Operations and Save Space In the Backroom

Beside other benefits, display pallets help retail companies optimize the use of storage space in warehouses and backrooms. The special design of their feet and skids facilitate nesting the half pallets, thus reducing their volume. In turn, this means that you can free up valuable storage space for products, instead of occupying it with empty pallets.

We encourage you to browse our full range of display pallets and select the model that best fits your needs!