Closed Deck

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Closed deck plastic pallets are very reliable and durable, with a high loading capacity. They are ideal for shipping large quantities of goods in various industries.

What Makes Closed Deck Plastic Pallets Special?

Plastic pallets with closed deck are a good investment with a low total cost of ownership. They are built for intense use over a long period of time. At the same time, thanks to their closed deck, they are easy to clean and return for a new cycle of use in a short time.

By comparison to wooden pallets, plastic pallets with closed deck do not chip and splinter, causing damage to your products or injuries to your employees. Also, they do not absorb liquids, because polypropylene is not a porous material. Thus, the pallets maintain their own weight over time, helping you have a better control on your shipping expenditure.

How Many Types of Plastic Pallets with Closed Deck Are Available?

Our range of closed deck pallets is compatible with standard EURO and ISO footprints. Thus, you can optimize the use of space in warehouses and during transport in the trailer. These closed deck plastic pallets are stackable when not in use, to help you save space.

When it comes to handling, you can opt between closed deck pallets with feet or skids, depending on the logistic equipment you are using. Our pallets are made to withstand handling by automatic equipment even when they are fully loaded with products.

Discover our full range of closed deck plastic pallets and select the model that best fits your needs!