Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are among the most versatile professional packages used by all industries. They are made from virgin or recycled materials and can be adapted to specific uses:

  • Hygiene/cleanroom pallets for the food and pharma industries;
  • ESD pallets for the electronics industry;
  • Export pallets for distribution companies;
  • Retail/display pallets for stores.

How Many Types of Plastic Pallets Are Available?

Since plastic pallets have become the standard shipping unit for local or long distance transportation, they are designed to fit various use cases. Heavy duty industrial plastic pallets have a closed (solid) deck and can carry very heavy loads. Open deck pallets are recommended for light to medium loads.

Plastic EURO pallets have a standard footprint, ideal for shipping products in EURO containers and crates. However, we can also produce pallets with a non-standard footprint, to suit your specific needs.

Also, some HDPE plastic pallets have skids, which makes them ideal for handling with forklifts and other automated logistic equipment. Pallets with feet are stackable and some models are even nestable.

What Type of Plastic Pallets Does My Business Need?

The packaging experts at Logistic Packaging can help you select the ideal model of reusable plastic pallets for your specific use case. We can help you with the post-sale implementation of the new packaging solution in your logistic flow. Whatever your challenge is, we have a solution for your business. Send us an email or schedule a live Skype chat to discuss your project!