Foldable Crates for Fruit and Vegetables

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These foldable plastic boxes are designed for handling fruit and vegetables and are used in various applications in agriculture and the retail sector. Retail companies such as supermarkets and hypermarkets use this type of foldable containers to move the goods from their warehouse to the shelf.

What Are the Applications of the Foldable Crates for Fruit and Vegetables?

We offer you two separate ranges of small foldable crates for fresh produce: the OW range and the FV range.

The OW (one-way) range of small foldable crates is ideal for display purposes and small load handling. They are used in stores to move fresh fruit and vegetables from the backroom to the display shelves.

By comparison, the FV assortment is designed for heavy-duty and intensive handling. The FV range features safety handles and locks and can be used for distributing, displaying, and storing fruit and vegetables. Farms and agribusinesses use these foldable small containers to prepare orders for local supermarkets, as well as for longer distance shipping.

What Is Special about the Foldable Crates for Fruit and Vegetables?

These small foldable containers for fresh produce have a special designed adapted for the products they carry. They have a perforated base and side walls which prevent water retention and facilitate air circulation, thus reducing the risk of content alteration.

At the same time, the smooth inner walls protect delicate fruit and vegetables from being damaged by marking and scratching.

We encourage you to browse our full range of foldable crates for fruit and vegetables and contact us to discuss your application.