Collapsible Containers

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Space saving packaging, such as collapsible containers, are in great demand by all industries. Companies worldwide want to be able to minimize their shipment costs on returnable packages and to use every inch of the storage space in warehouses to the maximum. This is why collapsible containers are some of the most popular packaging materials requested by our clients operating in various industrial fields.

What Makes Collapsible Containers Special?

These foldable plastic boxes have a generous storage capacity and fit the standard EURO and ISO pallet sizes. When they are folded down, the containers reduce their volume by up to 80%.

Also, this type of folding container is made up by various parts which can be replaced if damaged. Thus, you do not have to throw away the entire container, but only buy the replacement part.

The collapsible containers have an integrated label holder as standard feature. Optionally, we can offer you a loose or crocodile lid (with seals on demand). These two features will speed up your supply chain and reduce your operational losses due to damaged products in transit.

Solid Build and Safe Handling

The collapsible containers have a compact size but above average loading capacity. At the same time, they are designed with ergonomic handles that help your employees manipulate them quickly and efficiently.

This makes the small collapsible containers an ideal choice for order picking, in production areas with a fast turnover and in retail an ecommerce companies. Please browse our full range of collapsible small containers and pick the model that best fits your packaging needs!