ESD Stack Nest Containers

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ESD stack nest containers are useful in many industries and for various applications, including for the transport of cable harnesses. The long stackable and nestable boxes for cables have a special ergonomic design, with a front flap for easy access.

These containers can be arranged in compact stacks when they are loaded, to optimize the usage of space in the trailer and reduce your shipping costs. On the return journey, the empty ESD stack nest containers can be fully nested, reducing their volume by 70%.

What Is Special about ESD Stack Nest Containers?

ESD stackable and nestable containers protect cables and other electronic components from static discharges. This is very important, since these products can be completely compromised by the slightest electrostatic shock.

Also, the ESD stack and nest containers are made of polypropylene resistant to the most common types of oils, alkali and acids. They also resist to temperatures in the range of -20° and +70° C. The ESD boxes have passed the VDZ transport and load capacity test and are designed with smooth surfaces for easy cleaning.

How Safe are ESD Stack Nest Boxes?

The ESD resistance of this stack-nest container is in the range of ≥ 1 x 104 x ≤1 x 1010 Ohm. This model also features a ribbed base with tread for mini load applications. This packaging solution has been tried in tested in many industrial applications by companies in various industries, such as automotive, constructions and engineering.

We encourage you to browse our full range of ESD stackable and nestable containers and select the model that best fits your needs!