ESD Plastic Pallets

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ESD plastic pallets are available with open or closed deck. They are an indispensable packaging item for the electronic industry. Electronic parts and components must be protected from electrostatic discharges from the moment they exit the assembly line and until they are delivered to the client.

However, the only cost and time efficient method of packing and shipping any kind of products is the pallet. This is why professional packaging companies have developed a special range of EURO ESD pallets.

What Are the Key Benefits and Features of ESD Plastic Pallets?

The ESD plastic pallets offer the same benefits of usual pallets:

  • efficient use of trailer space
  • great control in monitoring stocks,
  • fast and secure handling by logistic equipment, such as forklifts and pallet trucks.

However, these special pallets for electronic products have the essential benefit of protecting the products from accidental electrostatic discharges.

How Many Types of ESD Pallets for Electronics Are Available?

Our team knows that each company has its specific logistic procedures for storing and shipping its products. Thus, we can manufacture ESD plastic pallets with various features:

  • smooth surfaces to prevent accumulation of dirt;
  • stacking rims to improve stability during transport;
  • heavy duty build;
  • feet or skids to facilitate handling.

Please browse our full range of ESD plastic pallets and select the model that best fits your needs!