ESD Foldable Containers

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ESD foldable containers help companies in the automotive and electronics industry store their products safely and save storage space. These industrial shipping totes for electronic parts are made of special materials that prevent accidental electrostatic discharges. At the same time, the foldable boxes are designed for safe and ergonomic handling.

The sturdy build of these ESD foldable containers makes them an excellent choice for long distance shipping. This is why they have become a standard packaging solution for industries with complex logistic loops, where various OEM and assembly factories are situated in different countries and sometimes on different continents.

What Are the Benefits of Using ESD Foldable Containers?

ESD foldable totes for electronic components are stackable and help companies optimize the storage space in warehouse and during shipping in trailer. The electric conducive material they are made of protects the sensitive parts and components from electric shocks, while the sturdy build offers protection from mechanical shocks, dust and dirt.

When they are not used, these ESD shipping totes can be folded down, reducing their volume by 80%. This helps your company reduce shipping costs for the return journey of the empty packages and optimize the available storage space in warehouses.

Discover our full range of ESD foldable containers and select the model that best fits your needs!