ESD Euro Containers

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Electrically conductive EURO containers are produced from ESD materials and are a must-have packaging solutions for electronics parts and components. Their footprints are compatible with 1200×800 plastic pallets, to help companies optimize the use of space in warehouse and in trailer during shipping.

What Companies Need ESD EURO Containers?

The ESD EURO storage containers are recommended for all the industries that produce, handle and distribute electronic parts, such as:

  • automotive,
  • consumer electronics,
  • precision instruments.

The ESD EURO stacking containers offer protection against electrostatic discharges, dust, and vibrations. This is extremely important, as transport conditions are not always smooth and safe.

What Are Other Benefits of Using ESD Industrial Containers?

These ESD industrial boxes offer the same benefits as standard EURO containers. They are very stable in stack, have sturdy walls and bottom and can carry medium to heavy loads. Their smooth inner walls offer protection to sensitive electronic products from scratching and mechanical shocks.

We can offer you various compatible accessories for ESD EURO storage containers, such as:

  • ESD textile dunnage,
  • ESD foam dividers,
  • ESD corrugated plastic dividers and boxes,
  • ESD lids and label holders.

Please browse our full range of ESD EURO containers and contact our packaging specialists to discuss your project!