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Dollies are very useful in distribution hubs and store backrooms where merchandize needs to be moved on shelves quickly and efficiently. Our dollies for crates and boxes are made of sturdy materials and offer great usability and reliability over a long period of times.

What Are the Benefits of Using Dollies?

Supermarkets and retail stores need to receive and arrange goods in the backroom quickly and safely. Loaded crates and shipping totes can be heavy and difficult to handle manually by your employees. Accidents are quite frequent and result in labor injuries and damaged goods.

Dollies help your employees stack several crates and move them with minimum effort and without the risk of injury and loss. Our transport dollies are designed with open deck for lighter loads and closed deck for heavier loads.

Thus, you can select the ideal model for your needs. All our dollies are made of high quality, recyclable materials. Upon request, we can equip the dolly with safety accessories such as parking brakes and thread guards.

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