Customized Packaging Solutions

The Logistic Packaging team is here to help you with the most specific and atypical packaging project. After working with many clients in various industries, we understood that standard plastic packaging is not adequate for all the applications.

Some products are very sensitive and need extra protection during storage and shipping. Other products have challenging shapes and sizes and cannot be packed efficiently in standard plastic containers and totes.

Our Solution: the Packaging that Fits the Product

For extra protection and space saving capabilities inside containers, we offer you a comprehensive range of dunnage. From textile dunnage to plastic dividers and separators, we can help you use efficiently every inch inside your containers and pack more products.

Do you need special protection for sensitive items, such as precision instruments, painted parts sensitive to scratching, electronics and delicate products? With foam applications and thermoformed trays, they will be packed snugly and safe from mechanical shocks, vibrations, spillage and dust.

We Listen to Your Problem and Present the Adequate Solution

Even if you are not sure what kind of customized packaging you need, we will still identify the right solution for you. One of the strong points of the Logistic Packaging team is the ability to listen, understand and use our experience and know-how to find the packaging product that solves your problem.

We encourage you to browse our main categories of customized packaging solutions and contact our experts to discuss your project!